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doxo brings bill pay to cellular devices

February 20, 2020
In 2008, doxo was introduced as a savior for the bill pay process. It’s an online payment portal that provides all-in-one convenience; the ability to pay multiple bills to multiple vendors via a single service site. The brand launched from its headquarters of Seattle, Washington, with the financial assistance of investors such as Sigma Partners, Mohr Davidow Ventures and Bezos Expeditions. It’s thrived since that time as it puts customers at the forefront, addressing their needs and complaints, striving consistently to improve upon the service and the way people pay bills.

The first ten years of doxo have seen advancements to maintain momentum and keep customer desires and feedback as central as possible. doxo has introduced a mobile site for bill pay, increasing both the mobile engagement for its company billers and the flexibility in paying a bill from anywhere at any time. doxo has introduced other new features as well: realtime market analytics for billers, the allowance of credit cards as a payment method, improve customer service, expanded leadership staff and increased interactions between biller and consumer. These avenues of growth have allowed doxo to continue its upward momentum as a leader in online bill pay.